sports Medicine Services
  • MSK Ultrasound  This technology has amazing sensitivity and specificity for tendon and ligament injuries on par with MRI scans. The advantage of MSK, is that we can perform a dynamic exam, meaning we can move the body part.

  • Tenex tendon repair procedures to improve the health of the tendons and facilitate their repair.

  • Sports chiropractic manipulation to the spine & extremities

  • Muscle Activation Techniques to turn muscles back on that have been deactivated by pain or prolonged dysfunction.

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue techniques to improve the connective tissue

  • Kinesio taping with Rock Tape to assist with injury recovery 

    COMING SOON to the Costa Mesa/Newport Location

  • PRP and Stem cell


  • Epidural injections, facet blocks, and other pain management strategies